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Our curriculum is designed and taught by former military and law enforcement professionals. Our focus is to develop individual and team-oriented skills. From individual firearms proficiency to prepping, we have classes that will prepare you to face difficult situations while keeping you, your family, and community safer.


You will learn TCCC concepts as well as some real world skills.


You will learn basic survival skills like living off the land, hunting, building fires, and water purification.


Come learn rain collection, farming, hunting, aquaponics, permaculture, livestock management, and gardening.

Firearms Proficiency

We cross train in the following: Tactical shooting, three gun, IDPA, USPSA, and long range precision shooting.


We primarily train in reconnaissance and small unit tactics.

Community Services

We prepare to help the public in various ways including natural disasters, civil unrest, search & rescues, food banks, and more.

What Our Members Say


SPC Sones

"Due to the current uncertain state of the country, I felt called to join TSM to train and prepare myself, and be able to help make my community safer. Additionally, I am prepared to receive call-up orders from the governor in case of a state-wide emergency. In my personal opinion, the time for the militia to protect the state of Texas will come again and I want to be ready to serve"
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